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Access our conservatorship attorney who can attend to your Los Angeles court case by callling for a free cosnservatorship consultation in Los Angeles County Call  our conservatorship lawyer at 818.340.4479.  Find out how a conservatorships can protect your family in Los Angeles.

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Talk to our attorney about  conservatorship solutions regarding becoming a conservator in
the Los Angeles. Our conservatorship lawyers are experts and we have a specialist on staff to help you with complex conservatorship disputes in the Los Angeles court.

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Mina Sirkin handled the estate of my brother. This was most difficult since my brother lived in Venice California and I live in Yardley, Pennsylvania. From the out set Mina Sirkin provided me with all the information I needed to understand the legal aspects as well as my obligations. All matters throughout the probate process were handled very professionally, yet with care and concern for me the client. Most outstanding was the very efficient and effective way the legal problems and issues were handled, always with a very positive outcome for me the client. I am most appreciative that the entire probate process was handled without the need for me to make a trip to California.

What particularly distinguishes the services I received from the Sirkin law firm was the expert advice I received in a timely manner on all the numerous related details that I needed to attend to to settle the estate. They were honorable in all their dealings, and most importantly in their billing.

I would certainly use the services of the Sirkin law firm in the future and have no hesitation in recommending their services to relatives, friends and acquaintances.”
Herb. S.


A conservatorship Attorney Los Angeles discusses methods of avoiding the conservatorship process; Talk to our conservatorship lawyer about Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts as preventative measures to conservatorships in Los Angeles County.


I have known Mina Sirkin for seven years. Mina is a life long learner, who puts the time and effort into staying on top of current events for estate law. This type of approach is very important for navigating the current times we are in; massive volatility in finances with commensurate changes in estate valuations which is coupled with unknown estate tax laws driven by the recent changes in government. You need someone who can help you address this uncertainty, rather than use a business-as-usual approach." Brad W.


Our Los Angeles Conservatorship attorney team can help you manage lives of disabled family members, including those with dementia and alzheimer's disease. We practice in all California Probate courts.

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An attorney at law obtains a Los Angeles California Conservatorship court order when you need to manage a person's life, assets and finances and get conservatorship letters from the court.  Conservatorships are Los Angeles court 's version of a supervised power of attorney with some additional protections in place in Los Angeles County.   "When you think of  conservatorships in California, think of the process as life supervision over another person."

Two Quick Questions to answer to determine if you should call a conservatorship attorney in Los Angeles Ca:

Do you have a family member or a friend who is losing competency or has lost capacity and who needs help or protection for his personal or medical care?   Has your friend or family member been subject to fraud, or are people trying to take advantage of him or her by influence?  Conservatorships require a competency declaration from an expert, usually a medical doctor which has to be presented to the court.

If the answer is yes to any of the above conservatorship qualifying questions, a knowledgeable conservatorship attorney at our law office in Los Angeles can help you determine if a conservatorship is in the best suited for your love one, or conservatorship services with assist you to protect your loved one's person and estate.

Focusing on What type of Conservatorship is Needed

With a Limited Conservatorship, many of the rights of the person are kept.  However, when a general conservatorship, sometimes called a permanent conservatorship is put in place, in order for the court to protect the disabled person, the court can take away the powers of the proposed conservatee, to essentially protect him from himself.  These can mean that the conservatee can lose the ability to write checks, pay bills, and make other financial decisions.   In that same proceeding, the Conservator (supervisor) is given the rights to pay bills, write checks, make investments, and other Conservator duties and powers.  

What document do I need to manage the financial affairs of my aging parent, and how does a conservatorship work?

If your parent did not put a plan in place to manage his or her estate, or sign a valid durable power of attorney when he or she was well, then you will need togo the route of a conservatorship.

When a power of attorney does not exist, cannot be obtained, or is in valid, in a California Conservatorship, we obtain a court order and letters from the court for our client that names the client as the conservator or decision maker.  When your conservatorship lawyer tells you that you are appointed as the conservator, you will be given court papers and documents called Letters of Conservatorship.  This is a court form and the document which gives the conservator the right and duty to act for someone else.  With Letters of Conservatorship, you as a conservator of the estate, can pay bills and collect the income and assets of the disabled loved one. 

Possession of a Car by a Disabled Person and Driving issues in Conservatorships in Los Angeles

If you are concernced about your parent or relative driving a car, the court can put in place that the conservatee shall not be in direct possession of his or her automobile, and a doctor can certify that the conservatee is not fit to drive.   When you use the conservatorship attorney at Sirkin Law Group, our attorneys can help you determine what is in the best interest of your family member and put conservatorship protections in place, if your parent or loved one poses a risk to himself or herself in driving.

Do I have choices or any alternatives to a conservatorship in California?

Options and alternatives to conservatorships are the first course of an effective and free conservatorship evaluation during our consultation.  Our lawyers go through the conservatorship alternatives and help you find the most suitable way of helping your parent in Los Angeles.   As part of our due diligence in conservatorships, we evaluate the least costly possible avenues and the least restrictive means first to comply with the standard of care in consrvatorships.

There are may choices to explore and our investigating attorney evaluates the cost-expense ratios, pros and cons of conservatorship, as well as suitable other ways to manage the estate and personal affairs of the person, before we petition for conservatorship in California.    If we do determine that the conservatorship is the best way to protect your family member, then we have decide if a conservators of person or conservatorship of the estate, or both are needed.

Get a Complimentary Conservatorship Evaluation at our Free Consultation

When you call our conservtorship lawyer, you will get a free consultation for conservatorships.  Call 818.340.4479 to arrange the best time for you.

Do you need advice from an expert and experienced conservatorship attorney who is knowledgeable about Los Angeles Conservatorship?  A California conservatorship advisor who handles a conservatorship on behalf of the conservator or a family member sees some of the most emotional financial elder abuse and conservatorship lawsuits in the Los Angeles Superior court called the Probate Court

Many years ago, Conservatorships were called guardianships in California.   Now, the difference between a conservatorship and a guardianship is just the age of the incompetent, affected or disasbled person.  California law allows for creation of a legal conservatorship when someone lacks capacity, becomes incompetent, or when he or she needs protection, either in the health or persona area of life, or when finances are a concern.  There are voluntary conservatorships and involuntary conservatorships in California.   More often, securing an elder's finances and asset protection is the focus of most conservatorships in Los Angeles.

The caretaker adult (called a "Conservator") is given the lawful authority and responsibility to care for another adult (called a "Conservatee").   What powers or responsibilities are appropriate for a conservator?  Our expert conservatorship lawyer in Los Angeles can help with the you get powers in a conservatorship and give you guidance about duties of a conservator. 

If you have a parent or relative who has become a conservator, but who is not doing a good job and needs to be removed as a conservator, call us.

What we do: 

As leading consevatorship attorneys in Los Angeles County, we file conservatorship petitions, file objections to conservatorships, or file oppositions when needed, and handle competing conservatorships in Los Angeles. We have administered millions of dollars in conservatorship assets over the course of our career of over 26 years.

How do you go about getting a conservatorsip? To get a conservatorship, you must present the conservatorship court judge with relevant information about the disabled person. To find the best legal care in Los Angeles conservatorship, contact our experts in conservatorship.  Call our Sirkin Law Conservatorship lawyers in Los Angeles can assist you obtain conservatorship powers and authority over your family members or friends in need of help. 

We handle all conservatorship matters from start to finish, and prepare your Report and Conservatorship Accounting Petition for the court.  Some firms handle only conservatorship administration, and some handle conservatorship litigation.  Our attorneys handle both Conservatorship administration and Conservatorship litigation in California. 

Our conservatorship attorney and paralegals handle filing of conservatorship petitions and objections to conservatorship in Los Angeles.  We can answer your conservatorship questions and have the answers you are seeking.  Look to us for help.

Types of Conservatorship Available Under California Law:

General Conservatorships in Los Angeles County can be three basic types:

1) Conservatorship of the person; 2) Conservatorship of the Estate; and 3) Conservatorship of person and estate.

There are several other types of Conservatorship matters also available such as LPS Conservatorships (mental health) and Developmentally Disabled Conservatorship (also known as a Limited Conservatorship).

Read the most common conservatorship questions and answers here.


A spouse, domestic partner, child, relative, friend, neighbor, the public guardian, and any  professional fiduciary can become a conservator of person and estate in Los Angeles.


You must act quickly if there is a conservatorship filed and you disagree with the appointment of the person who wants to become a conservator.  Waiting too long can eliminate your right to have a say in the conservatorship.   Judges set deadlines for filing of objections in conservatorship cases.  If you miss that deadline, you will waive your rights to object.

How to Get Conservatorships in Los Angeles California?

We first collect the relevant data and facts regarding the disabled person.  We meet with you, represent you or a person nominated by you, prepare a petition for appointment of a conservator of person or estate of your loved one.   Complete our conservatorship intake form and return it to us by email.  We can then get your case evaluated very quickly.

How to Contest a Conservatorship in California? You must file an objection and a competing conservatorship petition to cotest another person's petition for conservatorship.  If there are several persons who have filed competing petitions for conservatorship requesting that each becomes the conservator, the court will decide who shall become the conservator.  Preference rules exist for making such a determination. Contested Conservatorship proceedings can take long and may result in a trial.   Estate planning can be a conservatorship alternative in many cases and we can show you how to avoid a conservatorship.

A conservatorship must continue until the court orders the conservator relieved from his or her duties, or terminates the conservatorship. This can happen if the conservatee dies; if the estate is used up; if the conservatee regains his or her capacity; or if the conservator becomes unable or unwilling to act. In the last situation, the court will assign a successor conservator.

Conservatorships are time consuming and expensive. They should only be used when absolutely necessary.  Estate Planning can sometimes avoid a conservatorship.  If you would like to know the cost of conservatorships in California send us an email referencing: How much does a conservatorship cost in California?

Candidates for conservatorships are usually disabled.  Some conservatees may have Alzheimer's disease, dementia, parkinsons, brain injuries, mental retardation, alcoholism, substance abuse, autism, or other diseases.   Once a conservator is appointed, the Conservator can ask the Court for permission to do Medi-Cal planning for the Conservatee including substituted judgment petitions to protect the assets from Medi-Cal, and to purchase or sell property of the Conservatee.   Learn how to avoid a conservatorship and the benefits of estate planning by preplanning and calling us.


Conservatorships are similar to Guardianships.  Conservatorships are protective
proceedings for adults in California.  Guardianships protect minors in California. 
Our conservatorship law firm can help represent you in court to have a conservator appointed, or in contest of appointment of a
conservator in Conservatorship Court
in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Conservatorship proceedings and actions of conservators are court supervised.  Bond companies require that you use a conservatorship attorney when you file for a conservatorship.

Family members are given notice of the proceeding and financial records of the conservatee are summarized in an accounting filed with the court.

When a Conservatee needs dementia or psychiatric medications, the Court reviews a doctor's declaration regarding the need for the medication.    The ability of the Conservator to administer dementia medication depends on the court's approval of administering such medication.

When a Conservator wants to sell real property or purchase real property, the court must give prior permission for such a sale transaction, especially when it involves moving the Conservatee from his or her home.  Read more about How to Sell Real Property or Real Estate of Conservatorship Estate.

A PVP attorney is sometimes appointed for the Conservatee.  The role of this type of attorney is to advocate the wishes of the proposed conservatee when there is litigation, or when rights of the Conservatee are affected.  Mina Sirkin has been appointed as a PVP - Probate Volunteer Panel member since 1992.   She has handled hundreds of conservatorship trials and thousands of conservatorships since then.

Conservatorship Attorney Is an Advisor About the California Conservatorship Law and Process, and Who Helps you Protect your Elder Parent or Family Members.

Conservatorship proceedings usually start when a person is so incapacitated that he or she cannot manage his/her own affairs.  A conservator arranges housing, food, medication, plans a budget, arranges doctor's appointments, obtains legal documents, and generally protects the conservatee.

A conservatorship proceeding begins with a conservatorship petition filed with the court, followed by an investigation by a court investigator and a court hearing. Many factors can affect a conservatorship. For example, if the conservatee objects to the conservator's appointment, he or she may object and the court will assign pvp counsel for the conservatee for that purpose.

A conservator of the estate is required to provide accountings that give details of the conservatee's assets, income and expenses, showing exactly how the conservatee's money was spent. Additionally, the court will require that the conservator of the estate to post a bond. The conservator is paid by the conservatee's estate and the court supervises the reasonableness of the payments to the conservator.

California Conservatorship (also called conservatorshps) can get complicated when there are disputes about the conservatorship but can be fairly smooth, when they are uncontested.   Mina Sirkin's experience is in Los Angeles County Conservatorship, giving her the advantage in that court and expertise in representing conservators and individuals in court in emergency and temporary conservatorships.

Conservatorship disputes are called contested conservatorships or conservatorship contests. They can get resolved in mediation, by stipulation or at a trial. Contested Conservatorship and conservatorship litigation can involve any of the following situations:

1. Objections to the initial appointment of a particular person as a conservator.

2. Removal of an existing Conservator for cause.

3. Actions requesting appointment of a successor conservator to which others object.

4. Disputes involving contested conservatorship accountings.

5. Determination of a undue influence on an elderly or disabled person.

6. Objections to Proposed Actions by Conservator including substituted judgment actions and trusts.

7. Family mediations in determining the best conservator.

8. Requests to terminate a conservatorship or modify powers in a conservatorship.

9. Determination of rights to assets and disputes relating to ownership and title.

10. Conservatorship trial.  Call our trial attorney.

SIRKINLAW.comŽ Expert Conservatorship Attorney Los Angeles;  Mina Sirkin is a Specialist conservatorship attorney handling complex Conservatorship cases in Los Angeles.

For all Conservatorships in Los Angeles, call our attorney, Mina Sirkin. Do you have Conservatorship questions for our conservatorship lawyer or attorney?  We have attorneys with conservatorship answers suitable for your individual case.  Call us for a Free Conservatorship Consultation in Los Angeles County at 818-340-4479 for more information on conservatorship and contested conservatorship and conservatorship litigation matters.  Los Angeles Conservatorship, Los Angeles, Ca.


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